About Us

Hi! I'm Emily, the Embroiderer, Sewist, & Owner of Deshler Designs! Glad you're here :)

Entrepreneurship started early for me in elementary school, with mini garage sales, lemonade stands, & going door to door selling Girl Scout cookies back in the 80's. Handcrafted wares were also a hobby turned business as a child, from making wooden beaded hair barrettes to sell at the Fig Leaf (my friend Beth now owns the shop!), to making custom sweatshirts for my high school fellow cheerleaders. I absolutely love to create & haven't stopped!

Deshler Designs was founded in 2009 after my daughter was born. My mother taught me how to sew, and soon I was making headbands and custom outfits for my daughter to wear. Friends and family wanted to purchase what I was making, so I made it official: got licensed, & started an Etsy shop when Etsy came into the marketplace as a sales platform for makers.

Etsy has been a blessing and a whirlwind. Deshler Designs has been a top 1% Etsy shop, consistently maintained Star Seller status, and has served over 10,000 customers.  

Aside from business, I stay very busy being a mom of 3 beautiful, loving, fun children, & our fur-baby Rosie :) 

I value YOU as my customer so very much and strive to provide a 5-star experience with every order. Thank you SO much for supporting my creative passion!